First you need to know that what is a Youtube to MP3 converter ? The simple answer of your question is that Youtube to MP3 converter is a tool or a software . These type of software created by expert web developer’s and software engineers . Youtube converter are created with the using of server side scripting languages like php , java etc . These software are created for Music lovers and music creators . Most of Youtubers also use Youtube converter  to edit our videos . These software makes our work very easy . Youtube to MP3 converter software’s are also two types.

  1. Online Youtube Converter
  2. Offline Youtube Converter

1. Online Youtube Converter : If you  want to  use these software . You require a internet connection to convert your videos format . It work’s on a web browser .

2.Offline Youtube Converter : Before use these software we need to install them on our system . Offline converter support only downloaded videos . You can use any type of Youtube to MP3 converter according to you .

Know some legal fact’s about using Youtube to MP3 converter. Before read this article you need to know that Youtube converter is legal or not ?. The simple answer of this question is here . That if you are downloading any video from Youtube  with the copyright permission of owner . Then it is legal otherwise it is illegal.

Best Youtube to MP3 converter for everyone

There are many Youtube to MP3 converter software’s are available in market . But everyone want to get the best product . Everyone wants to work fast . No one want to use a bad tool in our computer or laptop . Because bad tools are contains virus and they can damage their systems . Sometime  people downloaded  free software  and don’t check that these software’s are safe or not for us . In future these bad software can create problems in our computers or laptops .

So we are create a list of best Youtube to MP3 converter for everyone .  These software’s are perfect for children , Youtubers , Musicians and video creators . Some tools are paid in this list but some are free of cost . You can use these software without any fear .  These  software are used by millions of  people’s  today .  Some software in this list contains ads . But they works properly and the processing speed is also very fast of these software’s .

  1.  aTube Catcher
  2.  Freemake Video converter
  3.  Free Youtube to MP3
  5.  VLC media player
  6.  4K Video Downloader
  7. Any Video Converter
  8.  Clip Grab
  9.  YTD Video Downloader
  10.  Apowersoft free video to MP3

We have described about some software below . Read this post and select the best Youtube to MP3 converter for your work .

 aTube Catcher – Best Youtube to MP3 converter

youtube to mp3 atube catcher

aTube Catcher is a named Youtube converter  that will catch any video downloads. You throw it’s way before converting them. aTube Catcher support’s MP4, MPG , MWV  etc. To use aTube catcher you need to install it on your computer or laptop then you can use it easily . The installation process of aTube catcher is very simple like any other media software .

After install successfully , open this software it looks like windows 8 . This software support both online videos and offline videos . Means you can convert Youtube videos and already downloaded videos in any format .  If You want to download and convert a video from Youtube then simply select Youtube downloader  and paste the URL of video which you want to convert . Now you need to select the format in which you want to download . Then click on Start and after few seconds you video will be downloaded successfully .

This is a free software and contains with ads .  But if you want to get a paid version of this software you can upgrade it . After buy a paid version no ads will be display in this software . This software works very fast you should try it once .

Some features of aTube Catcher -Youtube to MP3 Converter

  • Batch processing
  • Many formats support like mp4, 3gp etc.
  • Bundle with extra software.

Free Youtube to MP3 converter

 youtube to mp3 free music downloader

Many people would not buy these type of software. So those people who are not interested to buy Youtube to MP3 downloader tools. They can use this Free  Youtube to MP3 converter easily without buy this. It is a free Youtube converter or Mp3 downloader. You can can convert any Youtube video in our desired format easily. This is one of the best music downloader. Because it’s user interface is very simple. If you are a Youtuber and you want to use audio of any video then it is more helpful for you. It supports multiple audio formats and quality like 128 kbps, 148 kbps etc. You can easily get your audio clips with this music downloader.

Some feature of this music downloader

  • It is very simple to use.
  • Well designed user- interface.
  • It is free of cost so it contain’s ads.
  • Burn files into CD.
3.Freemake Video Youtube to mp3 converter

 youtube to mp3 converter

Freemake video converter works speedy into every format. But the new version of this software seems to prompt users to buy a paid version at the time of converting. The design of this software is very attractive. Freemake video mp3 converter support’s more than 200 formats. If you just want a soundtrack of any video you can do it very easily with this MP3 downloader. It stands on the third position in the list of Youtube converter software’s .

Some feature of this music downloader
  • Preset output profiles.
  • It is also very simple to use.
  • Adds a splash to videos.

We recommend you these some best tools to convert any video from Youtube . These tools are currently working  good and converting process is also very fast. Some tools are paid but some are free of cost . Paid music downloader software’s rates are also cheap in this list. Everyone can buy these software’s easily.

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