Windows modules installer worker is a service which is provided by Microsoft in windows operating system software. When your system need an update it automatically install them. If you have set your windows modules installer worker on manual mode then you need to install every update manually. But it is set on automatic mode by default and you can change it anytime.

Set windows modules installer worker on manual mode

windows modules installer worker

You will be seen some suggestions on many websites that you should disable the windows  installer worker. But you will not do it. You can set it on manual mode.


Learn how to set windows modules installer worker on manual mode.

  1. Click on search bar in your PC.
  2. Type Services in search bar.
  3. And click on services application.
  4. Now scroll down and find windows installer.
  5. Double click on windows installer.
  6. A pop-up box will be open and you will be seen a startup type option.
  7. Browse startup type and select it on manual .
  8. Click on apply and then press OK button.

windows modules installer worker

How windows modules installer worker protect us

This process is a part of Microsoft operating system software itself. We have not seen any report of Malware disguising itself as the windows modules installer worker process. If we set it on automatic mode it will be protect us from Virus.

Why windows modules installer worker using so much CPU

This is a bad news for all windows users that it used high CPU usage in windows 10. The good news is that if you allow it to run the process will eventually finish and stop using CPU and disk resource. Window installer worker process will finish and it will disappear  from the running process in Task manager. You can also cleaning up your disk may help to cut CPU usage by windows installer worker.

Watch Video to Know how to do it Manual

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