In this world many people wants to know What does internet mean . If you also know  about world wide web or what does internet mean this is a one of the best article for you.

Internet is a huge network of many computers, spread all over the world. It connect millions of computers in every part of the world.

We can find information on any topic or get to know news from anywhere in the world through internet.

What does internet mean or (www)

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You must have heard of WWW, it stands for world wide web. WWW is an important part of the internet. It is a large system of many pages that are interlinked with one another.

It contains a varity of information. You need a web browser to access world wide web.

What is a Web Browser

A program that is used to display web pages is known as a web browser.

Some examples of web browsers are :

Internet Explorer

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Mozilla Firefox

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Google Chrome

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We can browse any website in these browsers.


What is a Website

A website is a collection of related pages which contain information on a  topic. Each website has a specific address, known as URL , which is recognised on the world wide web.

The pages are connected through hyperlinks. Moving from one website to another is known as net sufring.

Example of websites: Facebook, TechQuery, Twitter


What is a Search Engine

It is a tool for finding a specific information on internet. some examples of  search engines are as follow:

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo!
  3. Bing

Mailing through  Internet(E-mail)

We can send mails using internet.  A mail sent from one computer to other computer via internet is called         E-mail . Such mails can also include  pictures and sounds along with text.

An E-mail takes only few seconds to  reach to the given address, allowing very fast communication.

See this modal :

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Some e-mail service providers are: Gmail , yahoo mail etc.

Most of the E-mail service provider offer free e-mail accounts. you need to create a user ID and PASSWORD with service providers.

Netiquette of Internet

The world is combination of net(internet) and etiquette . It indicate towards some basic rules used to  following using the  net.

Just like we keep in mind certain manners, during interacting with people .

we also need to maintain a basic drcorum while using internet.

Netquette includes:

  • Check what you type, to prevent the spreading of any wrong message.
  • Be careful when  providing personal information on the internet (like sending images or  share videos on social media websites). It may have severe results.
  • If any message or a mail typed in all uppercase or capitals, it is considerd shouting.
  • Do not insult the  people while writing any message on the internet.
  • Offensive language  not used.