This is a big problem for many Facebook user’s . When they try to open Facebook app in our android device they Face this problem . A popup opened and show that Pname com facebook orca has stopped .  If you are also searching on google about this problem then this is best article for you . I will show you  that What is Pname com facebook orca and how you can solve this Error .

pname com facebook orca has stopped

Final Solution to Fix – Pname Com Facebook Orca:

  •  Go to the “settings” option on your mobile.
  •  Next,  click on the “application” option.
  •  Then,  Select  “All Apps” option.
  •  Now, you have to find the “Facebook app” and make sure to clear the data.
  •  Restart Facebook app.

If you problem not solved by following these steps then you can reinstall  facebook application in your device .

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What is Pname com facebook orca and where it is ?

Pname com facebook orca is a package name for your messenger application . It is created by default when you install messenger application on your smartphone .  You can check this package here — File manager-> Android->com.facebook.orca . This is very important package for your messenger application .

People think that pname com facebook orca is a virus file

It is not a virus file . It is a simple file like other files in your device . But the role of this pname com facebook orca file is much important in your messenger application .  You don’t need to worry about that it is a malware file .

Work of in Messenger Application

As we mentioned above that this package stored in your device  file directory . Now we will know about the work of this file in Facebook Messenger . It is very important file  for retrieve deleted data of messenger application like messages , images , videos etc . If  you will delete this file then you can not recover these data without pname com facebook orca package .

Should we delete pname com facebook orca ?

No , We should not delete this package because is very important for your messenger application . If you will delete this package your problem will not solve and this package  again build by default in your smartphone directory .

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