Hyperterminal windows 7 is nothing . Hyperterminal is a application . This application is used to connect one computer to another with the help of modem . This application is used by professionals to connect computers . IT professionals and users can work with Hypertreminal to set up a dial up connection . Windows XP had an application which is known as hyperterminal . It is a great application for communication . This application is no longer provided in windows 7, windows vista . There are many great alternative  application also available in market .

Use Hyperterminal windows 7 easily

hilgraeve hyperterminal windows 7

Microsoft is not providing hyperterminal appliaction in our operating systems windows 7 , windows vista , windows 8 and windows 10 . If you are a windows 7 user and you want to use hyperterminal windows 7 . Then follow these steps .

  1. Download hyperterminal private ediction installer .
  2. Then install hyperterminal windows 7 .
  3. You need to click on “Yes” on user Account control prompt .
  4. Then click on Agree terms and conditions .
  5. Now click on start installation .

Hyperterminal windows 7 

But you can use another alternate applications to connect one computer with another . Here are some best alternative of hyperterminal windows 7 .

  1. PuTTY : PuTTY is a best aooliaction to connect computer with each other . The installation process of PuTTY is also very simple . You need to download and install it on our computer . Then you can use it without any problem . Simply Go to google and search PuTTY .
  2. Secure Shell : It is a extension of google chrome web browser . If you are using a less storage computer or laptop . And you do not want to install any extra software then you can use a handy extension SSH called secure shell . Simply go to google chrome browser . click on customize and control then hover on more and select extensions . Now search for secure shell and  Add this extensio in your chrome browser . After it you can use this as a hyperterminal windows 7 . This extension works fastely and it is easy to use .

How to Find hyperterminal windows 7 , XP

If you are a windows XP user and you want to know that where we find hyperterminal . Don’t worry we will help you . You need to follow only these simple steps to open hyperterminal .

  1. Click start option .
  2. Go to all programs .
  3. Then Go to Accessories .
  4. Now hover on Communications .
  5. And click on Hyperterminal .

Setting Up Hyperterminal 

In this way you can access Hyperterminal applicationn in windows Xp . But there is nothing like hyperterminal window 7 and you can use best alternate tools in windows 7 and upper versions to connect computers .

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