Google drive is a file storage service . Everyone want to know how to share google drive folder with other people . More than 800 million people currently using Google drive . Sometimes we need to share our files and folders with other person . So let’s start to learn how to share files on Google drive .

  • Go to  your web browser and login  your Google drive account .
  • Click on that  folder which you want to share  with other person .

how to select and share google drive folder

  • Now press share icon .

how to share google drive folder

  • After it a pop up window will be open  . Now you need to enter the email address of  receptient .  If you want to share with more than one person then you need to enter all email address one by one .
  • Next step is Add a note . It is not compulsory but if you want to add some extra text with your folder you can do it from here .
  • Final step is click on Send button .

How to share google drive folder in view mode

If you are reading how to share google drive folder then you must be know about this .Google drive provide two  type of option in sharing a document one is edit mode and other is view mode . So if you selected view mode then people can only view your share files and folder .  But if you selected edit mode then your receptient also make changes in that file and folder .

You can choose best option according to your work . Google drive selected edit mode by default. Click the pencil icon to change it like given image below .

how to share google docs folder

After select it according to you . click on send button . Now you have successfully shared you document  .

How to share google drive folder on Social media

Sometime we need to share our  document with our Facebook friend or in a private Facebook group . Learn here how to share google drive folder on social media step by step .

  • Select a google drive folder which you want to share.
  • Click on share icon .
  • Now a popup window will be open .
  • In this window you will be see a Get shareable link option on the top of right corner .  Click on this option and copy that link .
  • Now you can share this link anywhere .

You can share this link by using Gmail and save these type of received email as a PDF file .If you don’t know how to save an email as a PDF in Gmail learn by visit given link .

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Google drive share folder

We have hundred’s of folder in our google drive . How to find which folder we have already shared before . It is very simple . When you shared some folder it looks like these files  given in image  below .

google drive shared folder


Google drive shared with me option

When you login your google drive . You will be found a shared with me option in the left side bar . Many people confused what is this but don’t worry this is a label like Gmail inbox .  When someone share any Google drive document with you then the share document will be appear in this folder .

You can not create any document in this folder . This is only for receive document from other peoples . Remember this ,  If you deleted any folder from shared with me  label it will be delete only from your drive . You have completely learned about how to share google drive folder and files .

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