How to see wifi password on iPhone , iPad or Mac

Today , you will be learn how to see wi-fi password on iPhone , iPad or mac .  Many people don’t use password on wireless networks . But wi-fi password is most important to protect your network from hackers and spam activities like Gmail login , delete emails etc  . Sometime  we want to find wi-fi password  on iPhone . But we don’t know how to find out wi-fi password on iPhone or iPad .

The saved wi-fi passwords is not accessible by user in iPhone . These passwords are kept on a secure place in your iPhone . This is for security reason . Because your phone may be lost and stolen . In that situation anyone can use your password if these security feature is not available .

But don’t worry . In this article we will show you how to see wi-fi password on iPhone . You can do this work with many third-party applications easily . These application are good and trusted . Thousands of iPhone users already using these application . But before use this application your iPhone must be jailbreaker . If your device is not jailbreak then you cannot use this application .

If you want to know how to jailbreak your iPhone . You can read a brief description about this at the end of this article . Jailbreak process is very easy . After it the last step to learn how to see wi-fi password on iPhone is installation of application .

How to see wifi password on iPhone using apps

After jailbreaker an iPhone you can do many things with your device . These things you can not do without jailbreak iPhone-like change theme colors , find wi-fi password on iPhone , change important settings and install unauthorized apps etc .

The first and most using application to see the wifi password on iPhone is “WiFi Passwords”  . Go to Cydia and search for “wifi passwords” app . Download this application in your iPhone . The size of this application is approximately 4.1 MB .

Learn How to install cydia

After download this application install it in your iPhone . The installation process of this application is very easy and it take some seconds during installation . Logo of “wi-fi passwords” looks like given image .

how to see wifi password on iPhone

Now come back on home screen on your iPhone and open “wi-fi passwords ” application . You will be see a list of all previous wi-fi connections with  their passwords like the given image .

how to see wifi password on iphone

It is very simple application with easy user interface . You need to remember the author of this application when you download it from cydia . Name of the original author is Malcolm Hall . Using of “wi-fi passwords” application to find wi-fi password on iPhone is a best way .

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How to see wifi password on iPhone by Keychain

Keychain is a software for Apple computer’s . Learn how to see wi-fi password on iPhone by using Keychain software . It is possible when you are using same wi-fi network for mac and iPhone . Otherwise you can not do it with keychain software . By using this method you have no need to jailbreak your iPhone .

First you need to use keychain software . After open this software you will be see multiple options in left side . Click on passwords option . Now you will be see all previous wi-fi networks . Double click on network name which you want to show .

Now it will display you some information about that network . You will be see a show password option in the bottom . Enable this option and click on save changes button . When you click on save changes it will ask you administration details and you need to fill them . After fill administration information click on allow button and then show password .

Jailbreak and show wifi password iPhone

Jailbreak is a process in which you will remove all restrictions from your iPhone . If you want to know how to see wi-fi password on iPhone by using “wi-fi passwords” app then it is a necessary step . The most easy way of jailbreak is using Pangu . Pangu is a jailbreak tools . Download it and start . Learn complete about Pangu and jailbreak . If you find this post helpful please retweet .