Before start reading how to remove windows defender from windows operating system . You must be know complete knowledge about windows defender .

What is windows defender :

Windows defender is a software which is developed by Microsoft to protect Windows operating system from viruses . It is also known as windows defender antivirus .  It was first released as a free antispyware program for Windows XP . Shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and made into a complete antivirus software .

Is windows defender Good :

If you are not using  any third party antivirus software in your computer . Then you should be use windows defender service . People ask many question about this feature like . Is windows defender good or bad etc .

But , it is a good service provided by Microsoft in all windows versions. It protect your computer from virus free of cost but , if you are using any other best antivirus software . Then you can disable windows defender program .

To learn step by step how to remove windows defender continue read this article . Disable windows defender is a very easy task  . You need only change some setting in your PC .

How to remove windows defender in Win 10

  • Turn on your system and click on start button .

how to uninstall windows defender

  • Now select settings icon .

disable windows defender

  • After it , Click on update and security option .

windows defender antivirus

  • Now you will be seen a option of Windows Defender in left side . Click on windows defender option .

is windows defender good or bad

  • After click on it , you need to turn off  these features  ,  Limited periodic scanning then Real-Time protection and Cloud based protection .

how to remove windows defender antivirus

  • Now you have successfully turn off windows defender service in your windows operating system .

You learned how to remove windows defender in windows 10 by changes some settings in your computer . Now we will show you the second method to disable windows defender in every windows version .

  Method 2 : How to disable windows defender

  • Turn on your computer and click on search bar then  type regedit  and  select  Regedit Application .

windows defender antivirus

  • Now a pop up window will be open and Registry Editor application ask permission to change  in your system .  You need to click yes button .
  • Registry entry application looks like given image below.

how to disable windows defender

  • Now copy this green color text and paste it in under menu bar like given image below. \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender 

how to remove windows defender service

  • After do it , you will be redirect to windows defender . And windows defender option will be blue like this given image below .

how to turn off windows defender

  • Now Right click on  empty screen . Select New  then select DWORD(32-bit)value .

how to remove windows defender

  • After do it , a file will be generate and you need to give name of that file is DisableAntiSpyware . Give name as it is and press Enter key .

turn off windows defender

Now your windows defender service is turn off  If you want to start this service again  then you need to delete this file . After delete this file your windows defender service will be start again without any problem .

How we do windows defender update

Windows defender update automatically If you are enabled windows modules installer worker . To know more about windows modules installer worker visit the given link . You can do update defender service manually  from settings .

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