If you are a gmail user you need to know how to delete all emails in gmail in a single click. You should have noticed that whenever we open our gmail account. It has got plenty of emails. Very few of them work for us. Most of the email is not of our work and we want to delete them. If we delete one by one, then our time gets worse. So today we learn how to delete all gmail emails on a single click.

How to delete all emails in gmail step by step

Go to your web browser and open your gmail account. After login you will be redirect on inbox page. You will be see lot of emails here. You will see some sections above. Click on a section from you want’s to delete emails.

You will be see the checkbox above, check it on.

how to delete all emails in gmail  After that there will be a message show. Click on select All. Now click on delete button.

In this way you can delete all the emails of your any section in gmail. This is a very simple way. You can save your more time by using this method. We can do this work with lots of extensions. But all the extensions are not trustwortly. Some extensions may contain’s viruses. Which can damage your computer or laptop. You can delete all the emails by selecting any label also. If you want to learn more about gmail, then click here — Gmail. Get latest tips and tricks  about google gmail and other services.