Sometime we need to write a email with signature.  So learn how to create a signature in gmail. You need to create digital signature only one time. After it , Signature will be inserted automatically in the footer section of every compose emails. You don’t have to create signature in every email. By using this feature you can save your time.

How to create a signature in gmail

To know how to create a signature in gmail follow these steps.

What to put an email signature. We can put our name. address and contact detail in email signature. We can insert social media profile’s links also like Facebook, twitter and Skype.  If you are doing business then you can put some special offer’s also in email signature.

Let’s start to learn how to create a signature in gmail. Go to your web browser and open your gmail account.

Click on the setting button on the top of the right and select setting option.

how to create a signature in gmail

A setting page will be open. Now scroll down page and you will be seen a signature option. This option will be clicked on NO Signature by default.

Click on the radio button which is available on below no signature.

how to create a signature in gmail Now create new signature by using the giver editor. After complete the editing scroll down and click on save changes button. Click on save changes is compulsory otherwise your signature will not save.

Now you are almost done your work. To check that your gmail signature is working properly or not. Refresh your web page. Click on the compose button. When you click on compose. your email signature will be automatically insert in the body section of your email.

If you are doing any type of business it gives you more benefit’s. Because email marketing is the best way to aware people about our product’s and services.

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