Microsoft word is a popular word processor software .  Today, I will show you how to compare two word documents in MS word . Many times, We need to compare word document for different purpose like create a new document based on old document .

In this situation we can use file compare tool provided by Microsoft in MS Word software . So , let’s start to reading about how to compare two word document and find difference using MS Word  software .

  • Open MS Office Word Application in your computer or laptop .
  • Select the Review option from Menu Bar .

how to compare two word documents

  • Under the Review section , you will be see a option of Compare . Click on Compare option .

compare document in word

  • Now select first option from drop down menu .

file compare tool

  • After it , a pop up windows will be open . You need to select two file which you want to compare . Browse two file from your computer .

compare documents

  • If you want to change comparison settings click on More>> button and set these settings according to your requirements .

how to compare two word documents

  • At last , Click on OK button .

Now it will show you difference and same things in your selected documents .  In summary section it will show you insertions , deletions ,comments , Moves , formatting etc .

compare document in word

If you are working as a content writer this tool is very helpful for you to find out and  delete  same sentence and create a unique article .

You learned compare word document using offline method . Continue to read this article and learn about how to compare two word documents online .

How to compare two word documents online

If you have not installed MS Office Software in your computer or laptop and you want to compare word document then you can use this method . There are many file compare tool available on the internet . You have require a internet connection to compare word document by online method .


Today , I will show you how to compare two word documents online using . Follow these steps to use file compare tool draftable .

draftable file compare tool

  • Now select both files from your computer which you want to compare .

select and compare document

  • After Browse your files successfully, it will take few seconds to ready them for comparison . Then click on Compare document button .

how to compare two word documents

  • Now it will take some time to  show result . When it complete comparison process it will show you two blocks like this given image given below .

Microsoft word compare documents

Feature of this file compare tool 

  • Easily download the compared documents
  • Draftable provide  automatic zoom feature , you have no need to scroll down to find difference your document .
  • You can print both document on a single page .

You learned how to compare  two word documents by using MS Word and online File converter tools .  Draftable is free of cost . You have no need to pay a single cent to use this service .

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