Know how to change password in gmail. Gmail is a electronic mail service. It is provided by google. Everyone can use this service. It is very easy to use. Gmail service is free of cost. It is more secure and trustable email service. We can send password protected email by using gmail.

How to change password in gmail

To learn how to change password in gmail follow these instructions. Sometimes we forgets our gmail account password. Then we gets nervous. But don’t worry. There are many solution’s for this problem. To solve this problem first you need to open your web browser and  type in URL  field and hit enter key.

Enter your G-mail address  and click Next.

how to change password in gmail

Click on forgot Password link. You will be redirect on next page.

how to change password in gmail

Click on Try different Question link.

how to change password in gmail

After it you will be seen a phone number field . Enter your registered mobile number  and click on Next.

how to change password in gmail

You will be receive a SMS on your register mobile number. This code will be six digit long. Enter this code in your web page and click Next.

When you enter the correct code a change password page will be open. You will be seen two field’s the first is create password and second is confirm password. In the first field you need to enter your new password and again enter it in confirm password field. Click on change password.

In this way you can change or recover your gmail password. This is a legal way to change gmail account password. This way is very easy and very useful for every gmail user. If you found that something going wrong with your gmail account. Then you must be change you account password. Don’t tell anyone about your gmail password. It is essential for your data security purpose.

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