Know how can i hide my friends on Facebook. Facebook is now the world largest social network. It is used by more than one billion people. Facebook is a best place to meet with new friend’s. It is a great source of news. Facebook provide us trending topics by country wise. We can share our felling’s on our Facebook timeline. We can collect information about a particular person from Facebook. Almost every business used Facebook today.Facebook help’s businesses to increase their sales. But some people wants to serve Facebook as anonymous. So they want to hide our personal information on Facebook like follower’s, page liked, friends list etc. Learn step by step how you can hide friends on Facebook.

 How can i hide my friends on Facebook

Some people want’s that nobody can’t see their friend’s list on Facebook. So Facebook provide a feature for it. You can hide your friend’s list on Facebook.

Go to your web browser and open your Facebook account.Click on the down arrow button on the top of the right corner.

how can i hide my friends on facebook

Click on the setting.

how can i hide my friends on facebook

Now select privacy option from left sidebar.

how can i hide my friends on facebook

You will be seen a option who can see your friends list. By default it public. But you need to change it because you want to hide your friends list . So click on edit.

how can i hide my friends on facebook

Now Click on public and select Only me option from drop down menu. If you select any other option except Only me then you cannot hide your friends list completely.

how can i hide my friends on facebook

Now refresh your browser.Your friend list have been hidden. Anyone cannot see your friends on Facebook. It’s a great Feature of Facebook. There are many options avilabel for your friends list. You can chose friends  also . When you chose friends option your friend list will be shown only your friend’s.

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