This is a list of best website builder for every web developer. Before start reading you should know about website builder . Simple answer of this question is that website builder is a tool or a software which is use to create a website . These tools are developed by most experienced web developers and software engineers . Developers  can create most beautiful and responsive websites with the using of these tools . We can create websites without coding skills by using these website builders

We have need some basic knowledge of computer and internet  then we can create multiple type of websites with these website builder software’s . Some tools are based on drag and drop feature . Simply drag an element and drop where you want . Then complete your Web project . This drag and drop feature makes our work very easy . We can complete our website in few hours . Website builder are also two types .

  1. Online website builder
  2. Offline website builder

1. Online website builder : These tools are providing by web hosting companies . These type of tools run on web server and we require a internet connection to use these software . Online website builder are quick and easy to use .

2. Offline website builder :  These software runs without internet connection . We require to install them in our computer then we can use these tools anytime .

Sitebuilder : The best website builder

best website builder

Sitebuilder is providing one of the best website builder tool today . It is available in six languages including English . This tool  provide you drag and drop feature . You can build a free website upto 5 pages with sitebuilder . This website builder is very easy to use . This a professional and reliable tool for build websites . If you want to build a E-Commerce website with sitebuilder then you need to pay  $11.99 per month . They provide you a free domain and website builder software .

You will be access of 1000+ of website templates . No ads will be display on your website . You will be receive a free email service . Sitebuilder provide you the best quality SEO tools and priority support . But if you are a blogger and you want to create a beautiful blog then you can start from pro package . You need to spent only $4.99 per month . Site builder provide you best tech support and billing support . You can use live chat and get answers instantly . They have “Save history” feature ability to build a blog as well .

This is one of the cheapest website builder for bloggers. Speed of website load is very well . It takes 510 ms to load a website . Up time is 99.9% . It is very cheapest when you buy it annually . It is less than $60 .

WIX : Second best website builder

second best website builder

 Second best website builder software is wix . This very easy tool to create  responsive websites . Go to wix website . Before start you need an wix account . click on Sign up and create a wix  account . Then select what kind of website you want to build . After it select a perfect template according to your business or website . Then click on start now button . Now a wix website builder will be open and you can edit your website with it easily .

But if you want to build online store with wix website builder  then you need to buy an expensive package . You need to spent approximately $17.70 per month for a online store . Wix provide you 300+ templates for blog and small business . This is one of the best website builder because it is pretty ,simple  and easy to use . This user – interface of wix is also very simple . You can run a blog to buy a cheapest ads-free package by spent only $9.25 per month . The load time is also very well . Load time is 436 ms . Up time of wix is 99.9% . I suggest wix to every blogger who want to create simple blogs . Because the template options and website builder is very well of wix .  Wix is most customizable platform . So i recommend this best website builder to everyone .

Third best website builder is Squarespace

squarespace best website builder software

Squarespace is third best website builder software . It is a content management system integrated website builder and web hosting service . This tool allow users to create blog , website and Online stores . This service is launched in 2004 . The owner of squarespace is Anthony Casalena .   This is a best platform for photographer’s . Great themes are available on squarespace portal . Squarespace cost is most expensive . If you want to create a website with squarespace then you need to pay $18.00 per month . And if you want to use an email account then you need to pay $5 per month extra . This platform is best for artist , restaurants  and musicians . But it will be provide you best quality template . You have no need to pay for a domain name and it’s privacy .

It provide you full privacy of your domain name . There are no – limitations . You can create your blog, website and online store without limitations . The load time of this platform is also very well . Up time of Squarespace is 99.99% . Always provide you tech support with live chat . I recommend this website builder to every photographer  and musicians . Because there are no limit . You can save your millions of image on this platform . Now create your account and build your website with squarespace best website builder .

BoldGrid : The fourth best website builder software

bold grid fourth best website builder program

Fourth best website builder is BoldGrid . It is used with wordpress . BoldGrid provide you multiple type of plugins like page builder plugin , Image gallery plugin , SEO plugin , E- commerce plugin , staging plugin , contact form plugin etc .

BoldGrid provide you drag and drop feature also . BoldFGrid comes with 200+ themes and category combinations include as a part of BoldGrid inspirations plugins for free . All themes are 100% mobile responsive and design to work with all modern web browsers . You can select them in BoldGrid by category wise It provide you theme like Real Estate themes, Restaurants themes , Music themes , fitness themes , Designs Themes , Clothing and fashion themes etc . BoldGrid provide you tow packages  one is free and second is premium package  .

Premium package is also very well and cheapest  . You need to pay $60 per year . You can create unlimited blogs and pages with premium package . It provide you free theme library . BoldGrid provide you free SEO page checker tool and automated backups . Fully E-Commerce supported platform .  BoldGrid provides you 24*7 tech support . You can try a demo version of BoldGrid without giving card details . I suggest this platform to every blogger who want to make a blog on single topic . This  is one of best website builder in the case of tech support .

Fifth position of best website builder is weebly

website creator

Weebly is one of the best website builder . It is a web hosting  service featuring a drag and drop website builder . The company head office  in  San Francisco . This service started in 2006 . Weebly is one of the fastest growing and longest standing brand in the website building space . Weebly provide hosting for all websites that are build on their platform . It  have fast loading speed Weebly provide security against hackers and spams . If you are a blogger and want to create a beautiful and secure blog with weebly  then buy a pro plan and spent $12 per month .  The user – interface of weebly is very simple . Weebly is very easy to use . Weebly allow for HTML editing , most marketing tools and feature can be added in your website .

free website builder

Jimdo is a web hosting service . It offers a free web hosting service . Jimdo pro and Jimdo business both are paid plans . Jimdo is stared in 2007 . It provide you a free domain on purchase a paid service . Jimdo provide you a email account on buy a pro or business plan . It provide you a complete tool of SEO . The user – interface of Jimdo is very simple . You can create your website with Jimdo on few clicks . go to your web browser and open Jimdo website and click on Get started button . It provide you 100+ themes free of cost  .

Doodle KIt

website maker doodle kit

The Doodle kit is free and one of the best website builder tool . The doodle kit editor is made up of Red buttons . Doodle kit provides  you multiple themes . By default every doodle kit has a sidebar . Some user’s say that doodle kit editor is bad but it is good for many bloggers . It is a simple editor . You can customize your theme also in doodle kit but you can not preview live in doodle kit . Due to this you will spend lot of time making customization and then updating the website . It is one bad thing in doodle kit . Some user say that it is a best website builder but some says that is is not good . I suggest you that try doodle kit and then judge it is bad or good .

best free website builder

Webs also provide you a best website builder and customizing tool . More than 55 millions websites using . Webs is perfect for small business and entrepreneurs . This is not say that you can not build a personal or non – profit website using webs as you most definitely can .

Webs provide you drag and drop feature like wix and weebly . It’s very easy to add modules edit them and remove them as necessary . webs allow you to build membership sites directly on their websites . This is very rare feature in the world of website builder .  Webs has a App store that allow you to integrate more features and third party tools directly into your website . Webs user – interface also very simple and it is very easy to use .

Yola is a web hosting company .  It is founded by Cape Town in 2007 . The head office of Yola in San Francisco  . Anyone can create beautiful website without coding skills by using .  Yola is also providing one of the best website builder tool . You can create any type of website , blog ,online store  with the using of . You can create up to 3 pages website with Yola free plan .

The best package of Yola is Yola premier . You need to pay only one time then you can access this service life time .  The one time fee is $499 . If you purchase any annual package then domain will be free . You will be receive a professional email service with every Yola plan . Your website will be ads free after purchase a paid service of Yola . I suggest you to once use Yola and share your experience with other about Yola best website builder software .


best website builder for e-commerce

Shopify is a canadian e-commerce company . This service  is started by Tobias Lutke in 2004 . I f anyone  who want to start online store then shopify is best for them . It is one of the top online store service .  Shopify provide you best website builder tool for you online store customization .

It is very easy to use . The quality and quantity of their designs are excellent . All theme of shopify are mobile friendly . You can add your code also by using shopify website builder tool . It is very powerful tool for creating a E-Commerce website . Shopify is one of the biggest  and most successful solution .  It provide Zoom functionality for your products .  Shopify provides  multiple buying options for your store customers .  Customer’s  data and payment transactions are encrypted via SSL . I suggest this best website builder to every person who want to start a E-Commerce Website

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