Part time work from home without investment

If you are doing job and you want to earn some extra income then you can chose  these options to Part time work from home  . If you want to sell some products then you need to chose work from home with amazon . It is a best place to sell products online .

part time work from homeThere are many options available to work online as a part time . You can chose any one option from these :

  1. SEOclerk
  2. fiverr
  3. Upwork

SEOclerk : If you have knowledge of SEO(Search engine optimization) then you can use this website to earn money . This is a marketplace for SEO Services . You can register on this website in free and sell your SEO skills . Create a new account on SEOclerk and start earning money .

Fiverr : Fiverr is a best marketplace to buy and sell services like web development , logo design , Backlinks , social media marketing etc . If you have skill of any thing then you can sell your services on fiverr  and charge a specific amount for it . Get started with Fiverr and start selling your services .

Best ways to Work from home jobs and earn money online

Upwork : Upwork is also a freelancing website but this is different from Fiverr . You can charge on upwork per hour rates . Example – If you are a web designer and you want to work on Upwork then you can sell your service 25$/hour . Start to work from home jobs by using upwork and increase your income within few weeks .

Website selling  as a part time work from home

part time work from home website selling

 If you are a expert web developer then you can chose this option also . Simply you need to create a website or blog on any topic and then rank it on Google , Bing ,Yahoo etc . Get minimum 1500 visitors perday . If you have successfully gain this target then you can easily sell your website in $2000  to $3000 on Flippa . Flippa is one of the best marketplace to buy and sell websites . Website selling is great for part time work from home for developers .

E-book Selling : Author’s can chose this option because they have great writing skills . If you are a author then you can sell your e-books on different different website . Simply create your e-book by using MS Word and save it in PDF format . You can use different paid software also to create your e-book design effective . By using Facebook ads to sell an e-book you can earn huge money because Facebook ads are cheap and you can easily promote your e-book with low budget .