How to screenshot on chromebook or screen capture

How to screenshot on chromebook or chrome browser screen capture

In this  article you will find how to screenshot on chromebook or chrome browser screen capture

Chromebook and other devices that run Chrome OS, are best if you want a simple and cost-effective machine for accessing the websites.

Google browser-for-everything approach can cause some confusion.

Especially if you’re used to a Windows or OS X operating system.

One of the less obvious functions of Chrome OS is the screenshot tool.

While Chromebook don’t include a Print Screen key, getting a screenshot is actually fairly simple — whether you need to grab the entire screen, or just a portion.

How to screenshot on chromebook or screen capture


Full screenshot: How to screenshot on chromebook


To take a screenshot of everything you see on your Chromebook’s screen at once, hold down the Ctrl button and press the Switch Window button.

It’s the one on the top row with the icon of multiple squares, in between the Fullscreen and Brightness Down buttons.

Once you press both of them, you’ll see a notification in the bottom corner of the screen alerting you that your screenshot has been saved.

Screenshot image files go to the Chromebook’s Download folder and are labeled with the date and time they were recorded.

Click the notification to open the Downloads folder and select the image file.

Partial screenshot: How to screenshot on chromebook

Chrome OS can also select only a portion of your screen to save. Hold down the Ctrl and Shift buttons at once, then press the “switch window” button.

Chrome’s cursor will be temporarily replaced with a crosshair. Click and drag a square across the portion of the screen you want to save.

Then release the trackpad or mouse button. The partial screenshot will be saved in the Downloads folder, the same as a a full screenshot.

Copying screenshots:How to screenshot on chromebook

The way that Windows does when the Print Screen button is pressed. If you’d like to simply copy a screenshot (for insertion into an image editor, for example), watch the notification that appears above the system clock.

Click the “copy to clipboard” button, then press Ctrl+V when you want to paste it.

Editing screenshots: How to screenshot on chromebook

Open the Downloads folder.

Double-click your screenshot to open it in the image viewer.

Then click the pen icon in the bottom right corner of the window to enter edit mode.

Tools for cropping, rotation, and brightness adjustments will appear at the bottom of the window. When you are done.

Then click the pen icon again to finalize you edit.

The built-in editor doesn’t allow you to save copies, so you may want to copy the image manually before working on it.

How to Screen Capture in Google Chrome without using Extensions

If you are not using chromebook OS then probabely you are in trouble in how to capture screenshots in google chrome without using extension. There are many plugins are avilable for screen capture in google chrome .

But all the plugins are not safe. Sometime’s these plugin’s create big problem’s for us. So in this article you will learn how to capture screenshots in google  chrome without using extension or any plugin.

What some may not know is that the newer versions of Google Chrome have a built-in screenshot capabilities allowing to perform screen capture without install any extensions.

The more interesting part is that you can even add device frames to your captured images.



To get started Screen capture.

  • Open any web page in the Google Chrome browser.
  • After open page successfully click on the three dots top  on the Right side.
  • On the third step Go to More tools  Then select –> Developers tools.
  • You can use this Shortcut also  (   ctrl+shift+i    )
  • After open it successfully you need to press (   ctrl+shift+m )
  • The shortcut (ctrl+shift+m) Enable you Toggle device toolbar.

Now you are ready  for screen capture in your chrome browser.How to screenshot on chromebook or screen capture